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Six of Calais/Ruth

"simple design is effective for both operas and is cleverly enhanced by Chuma Emembolu’s superbly subtle Lighting design. And the top-notch orchestra, with, in particular, some exceptional oboe (Lorraine Hart) and bassoon (Daria Philips) solos is very capably conducted by Avishka Edirisinghe"

Peter Yates of London Theatre 1

Around the World in 80 Days

"Chuma Emembolu’s lighting design also works well in tandem to give the audience much to marvel at"

Sam Sims of

Sir John In Love


"Stagecraft is slick as the cast unobtrusively rearranges props to effect transformations that are further smoothed by Chuma Emembolu’s lighting, while the buck-basket scene and the boxing-glove ‘duel’ between Anne Page’s would-be suitors are choreographed with a sharp ear for the score"

Claire Seymour of The Stage 

The Night Woman


"The lighting (Chuma Emembolu) is brilliant throughout and has particular significance in this production serving to powerfully illuminate, highlight and contrast each scene and as an aid to Robinson’s intimate storytelling."

Sophia A Jackson of afridiziak 

The Good Dad

"Each episode in the horror show is delineated by the use of effective lighting and sound (Chuma Emembolu)."

J² of Close-Up Culture

Great Expectations


"Chuma Emembolu’s lighting and the skilful use of music and the sound of ticking clocks all add to the mood and the formality of Anastasia Revi’s production makes it easy to play directly to the audience."

Howard Loxton of British Theatre Guide

"The macabre atmosphere is heightened by the lighting design and the chilling choice of music throughout the piece"

Sarah McPartlan of Musical Theatre Musings

"Chuma Emembolu’s lighting design enhances the gloominess and the clever use of music and sound effects establishes a foreboding atmosphere which lingers throughout."

Jonathan Marshall of The Upcoming

"This Gothic adaptation is aided greatly, not only by the set but the sound and lighting too. Chuma Emembolu’s lighting design adds to the mood of the piece, while the music and sound effects help to keep the audience on the edge of their seats"

kherrington83 of From page to stages

Edred the vampyre


"Chuma Emembolu and Alys Whitehead also deserve mentions for their respective powerful lighting/set design and haunting monastic music.."

J² of Close-Up Culture

"The most impressive part of this show is, and by far, the direction by Anastasia Revi. The exceptional set (Eirini Kariori) and lighting design (Chuma Emembolu) help to build a gloomy, gothic atmosphere."

Dominika Fleszar of A Spy In The Stalls

"Priest manages to be genuinely scary at points, something helped along by Chuma Emembolu’ intense sound and lighting design. "

by Oluwatayo Adewole of Voice Magazine

"He's aided by his trio of actors who give splendid performances, pitched perfectly for this intimate space, beautifully lit by Chuma Emembolu."

Gary Naylor of Broadway World UK

"the overall ominous atmosphere – carried off with ease by a marriage of set design (Alys Whitehead) and lighting and sound (Chuma Emembolu) – makes for a deliciously gothic tale with a wonderfully entertaining main character."

Vicky Richards of A Spy in the Stalls

MACBETH - The Musical


"This is a very very funny and very relevant show from Stage Splinters. I loved the witches and the rapping, the original words and music. Co-written by Chuma Emembolu, who also directed the show, this version transported the Macbeths and their entourage into the twenty-first-century. But with singing puppets."

Deborah Jefferies of London Pub Theatres

Gift of the gab


"The detailed set by Sim E Sigh, complete with pickled eggs and ancient till, and paired with Chuma Emembolu’s lighting and sound design means the Winter of Discontent has never felt closer. The 1970s pop culture references flow thick and fast."

Frey Kwa Hawking of The Stage


"Chuma Emembolu’s lighting and sound design, though, help to bring things together into a coherent whole, with Emembolu’s sound direction, in particular, making good use of some musical staples of classical and big band fare to evoke the titular nostalgia for a different era"

Christopher O'Dea-Giordano of The London Theatre Reviews



This Play will solve climate change 

"A quick shout-out to Chuma Emembolu for the lighting design of this show, which was noticeably excellent and effectively hit the mark and mood of each scene every time."

Elisha Alysmore of The London Pub Theatres


Don Juan 


"Chuma Emembolu’s lighting articulates the contrasting moments with precision and sensitivity"

Joanna Hetherington of A Spy In The Stalls

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